Thursday, February 25, 2010

Family Ferris Wheel Ride

In ferris wheel cage at 10 - meter height. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

Last time I rode a ferris wheel, I was only fresh from college, in short it was 12 years ago. LOL!  I quite fear heights and anything that moves. Somehow, they make my tummy stir and make head spin. 

But, last February 14, in celebration of Valentine's Day, I brought the  family to a mall  for some window shopping before heading to our family dinner.

During the course of stall hopping, we were able to see a very brand new ferris wheel and my kid simply asked us to bring him for a ride. 

Since my nephew refused to join him, it made me and my husband hopped into the cage with trembling knees. Hahhahah!

My kid was happier with each loop while we set our minds to something else just to forget the height. LOL!



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