Thursday, February 25, 2010

Getting A Family Pet

Our newly acquired tortoises

My nephew did have a hamster as a pet last December through his aunt and my kid was quite envious with him.

He did ask for  a dog but since we have a little one year old at home, a dog is simply a no - no.  But, I wanted to teach my kid to be responsible that I bought at first sight, the green tortoises  sold at the mall. I did get a pair and the kids at home are simply too excited to these little creatures. 

I wish that they shall live long and that the kids  will be responsible in taking good care of their  pets. I did promise my kid that we will buy more turtles once the first pair thrives.

Soon, I shall get love birds for myself. Somehow, the home pets make a lively vibe at home. The tortoises shall be an added attraction with  our aquarium that has three aquarium sharks. 

So, with a new pet, I did search for an official website of tortoises to check for their basic care. I did find a good resource from SlowCoach. 



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