Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Good Family Movie

Since watching before the big tube is our family fave recreation, we get to see all sorts of movies too for the entire family.

Sometimes, I do buy movie compilations for the old ones and stuffs for the kids at home. But, sometimes, I get to buy or rent movies that will surely my kids and myself like.  But, among the children movies we watched, I personally like Wall-e and Up. Somehow, they gave a strong message of love, family and friendship. 

No wonder, the movie, Up, had  conquered several awarding institutions. The reviews were pretty good that I  just had to watch the movie. It made me cry a lot. Sigh!  

Reviews on movies, health, technology or even acne treatment reviews  can make think of something worthwhile. 

I wish other good films with my kid and as we enjoy the movie, I teach him values.  I only wish that he grows with strong sense of character for what he will believe a  worthy thing.



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