Saturday, February 13, 2010

I’m Losing Weight!

I did complain before that I would not fit through my pants anymore and that the bulges were getting bigger. I missed my biking and jogging since I was too lazy to get up early.

But, I mustered all the courage and started dieting. And, after weeks of diet, I saw my most recent pictures with wonders! Yepey! Indeed, I lost weight. However, I still have to take off the bulges. These can only be done if my   diets that work  shall be complemented with regular exercise. Sigh! I cannot really do this weight loss without putting greater efforts. 

In spite of losing weight already, I wish to sustain it for my own health. Somehow, my back pains and bone conditions shall improve. I don’t want to grow old with severe osteoporosis and painstaking joint pains. 



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