Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kids' Measles On The Loose

Just recently, the Department of Health (DOH)  has announced measles outbreak especially in highly populated areas. The extreme El NiNo is partly to blame.

So, the youngsters are enjoined to have their measles  vaccination. I have to soon check with my kid's pediatrician of the needed vaccination boosters now that he is seven years old.

At this time of very  warm weather, flu among other illnesses is dreaded to consume us. Thus, it helps to clean the surroundings and healthy lifestyle. Also, it will  help if we use  disinfectant and  teach the young ones to refrain from messing with the dirt and sick kids. 

It's quite difficult when kids get sick somehow,  seeing them having discomfort makes us wish that we can spare them from any pain. 

But, in this peak time of common illnesses, we can only be more cautious. 



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