Sunday, February 14, 2010

Kids' Recreation

the family on one Sunday morning on inline blades

My kid is  quite hooked with PSP among other things but rarely plays with other kids. He mostly plays with his pop.

My other nephew on the other hand, goes on neighbor hopping just to play with other kids.  But, recreation among kids should be abundant since it will improve their holistic being.  

Since the school asked the little boys to bring some badminton rackets, my kid has been persistent on dragging us to play with him.  He sure had fun that I decided to bring him to the local plaza after school to at least make him physically active and bond with us more. 

There are other sites that can introduce kids fun.  Here is a site of some interesting activities you can try. For us parents, we can take the chance to have fun too with our  youngsters. 



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