Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Hardworking Mom

I quite adore my mom since she started earning an add - on living for the family 20 years ago to assist the meager salary of our retired - navy - officer pop.

I never indeed heard her complained of hard labor but she isn't particular of what she does as long as it is decent and brings that added income.

She long works on our furniture business, does the business dealings with big-small clients, assists in the furniture paintings and all. She is quite knowledgeable with the in's and out's of the business and the furniture industry.  She hopes to hand us down this business so she can retire but we just don't know much  yet. For one, stuffs like wood types, designs, and paintings,  and others are still to be explored.

I may have the formal background in business and management but my mom is way over me in terms of experience and wisdom. It will take awhile to have what she has acquired over the years of entrepreneurship.

For one, it is only two years ago that we are actually inclined to business. I have to  learn from my mom to help me run the boutique and eventually, the food business.



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