Wednesday, February 24, 2010

No School Again For Us

In celebration of a Muslim Holiday, the city mayor of General Santos had given his memorandum declaring February 26, a holiday for the city locals. 

The kids and I are supposed to have school classes in time for upcoming examinations but we just like the holiday since this will mean longer weekend and consequently, rest time.

Further, the city celebrates Kalilangan 2010 and shall commence on February 27. The holiday will give us more time to wander around and enjoy the week - long festivity.

We can man the boutique and our furniture shop as my mom looks on  office furniture   and other wood works. 

Normally, the kids just stay at home and enjoy movies after movies while I head to our stores and man them for possible queries and sales. 

The Philippine government simply has more than a dozen of local and national holidays.   Life in our country is simply laid back although we work hard, we equally love to rest and play too. LOL!

So, happy long weekend every General!



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