Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sibling Fun

Having three other siblings can be fun and sometimes, draining too.  I am the eldest among them but my  other sibling is only two years my junior so, the rivalry then was quite stiff and bitchy. 

But, my third and fourth siblings were way too young that when my mom frequently traveled because of business and eventually worked abroad, I acted as their instant mom.

After years of growing old, my siblings and I are supposed to enjoy and respect one another. Although, sometimes we bicker on trivial stuffs. 

We now have fun going together to a parlor, dine or a spa for some good massage, colon and body cleanse and soothing  idle time. 

Regardless of what we do as siblings, even if we don't agree much on some things, family is family. Thus, it is always sweet and nice to be with them whenever I can. 




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