Sunday, February 14, 2010

Slim and Big Kids at Home

my big kid and slim nephew

These two kids are the little gangsters at home. They are both seven years and have been classmates in preschool until now that they are in Grade 1.

They are a perfect 10 since my kid is quite big for his age while my nephew is as thin as a  stick.  And, when they try to play around, it seems that my nephew can  just be tossed around with less efforts.

My other sibling tried some commercial vitamins to boost his cravings for food. Somehow, only our wallets are affected.  LOL!

On the other hand, we try to reduce the weight of my kid through diet, exercise and constraints.  But, since he is too young for commercial diet pills, we may check on  herbal diet supplement  to help him.

But, we must encourage him to be physically active to at least curb the fats and chance for unwanted eating.  

Regardless of their weights, I quite adore my kid and nephew. 



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