Saturday, February 13, 2010

Stressed Family

My family in the Philippines is into business and although it has endured long years, it is without its own share of success and failures. 

Running a business has its own good points. For one, you own and manage your own time. You can practically do anything. But, if sales are bleak, you can also freak out especially if your employees depend on you and your family depends on the business.

Since January, the sales have become very bleak. Now, that the holiday hype is over, businessmen can only hope for improved operations. We are also waiting for our business papers from DTI  and GenSan local government. 

We get stress out that I could see eye sores and pimples. Sigh! I need to use first our home meds to  treat acne   and the zits.  

We can only wish that the business shall do better in the coming days.  The celebration of Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day somehow, contributes to the festive mood that people hope to go on buying opportunities. I can only hope for more!  



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