Thursday, February 25, 2010

Therapeutic Family Recreation

Sometimes, people resort to spa and other relaxing alternatives to get relaxed. Others of course, require medical assistance. But, since stress can be a reason for ill medical condition, it sometimes, help if we find means to get this stress released.

Personally, I watch funny Korean movies and wander around the mall alone or with my family members. My blogging including jogging and biking helps me get relaxed too.  

But, having fun together family members including the kids, gets you more rejuvenated. Sometimes, I join my sibling in her window shopping and parlor escapades. We share same likings for food, surfing, business, fashion, and reviews from   and more.

Whatever is the means to get that much needed relaxation, I guess what matters is we get what we want and if it can be with our loved ones, then we are only luckier.

an afternoon with my kid at a local plaza

Last time, I brought my kid and nephew together with my hubby to a local park where we did have an hour of badminton. Although, my pocket was drained from the snacks and books they asked me to buy, the day was simply great!



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