Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Wonders of Family Business

A number of successful establishments in the Philippines are managed by family owners. In General Santos City alone, names of affluent people are known and they simply have strings of businesses to boost.  Somehow, their companies are diversified ranging from fishing and resorts to manufacturing. 

My family did start with furniture making but over the years, it is only my parents that are into business. But, two years ago, we did start with our boutique and food carts.  Somehow, my parents help us with the management including having the equipment and papers. 

My mom did help us when she bought a good 5 - cubic feet freezer, water dispenser to add to our food cart equipment.  

When the businesses become bigger, we need other equipment including receipt printer   to make the  sales easier and handy for the customers and employees. Further, sale inventory can be controlled well. 

My sister also did start with her own business but then she prefers to run a resto bar once she gets the needed resources. Perhaps, when she leaves for abroad or gets settled down, then maybe her dream can come true.

But, running a family business makes the operations and management easier to manage.  At least, decision making is faster and that the members become personally committed. 

So, in the coming years, more and more families shall shift to family business. 



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