Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Badminton Time for the Kids


Since the kids are done with their official classes, they normally spend their time in the village’s basketball court with their badminton rackets. The youngest member of the family joins the big boys and quarrels with the neighbors and anyone who comes in his way. LOL!

But, the shuttle cock needs replacement, so the kids will just have to find another way to have fun. I quite envy how the young ones can easily reduce their weights and find any game as a fun exercise.

I am back to my old size 3 and getting heavier for my old clothes. I wish to cut this size and go back to my size 1 fit. Sigh! Although, size 1 was not really my normal fit and was only due to extreme stress and diet that I had this.

My BWM however, says that my weight is only normal based on my present height. So, doing regular exercise, eating healthy and taking herbal diet pills   may reduce the present weight and become healthier.

We can’t do much with the consequences of aging but it should not stop anyone from becoming healthy and fit.



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