Thursday, March 18, 2010

Brownouts Bring More Mad Filipinos

It is almost a month now that the power energy provider decided to curtail energy distribution nationwide. But, it is in Mindanao that is greatly affected where every day, we experience as much 9-15 hours of rotating brownouts.

Everyone is simply affected especially those who have to do business but are constrained because of this energy problem. In our school, classes still resume in spite of the curtailment since the generator is on standby. I have to however, leave my boutique when the brown out strikes in when the heat is beyond endurance already.

Although the brownouts can be nice avenue to lose weight when one seems to be in a spa room. LOL! When we feel uncomfortable, it is only natural for us to behave as grumpy and nasty to anyone who pisses us off. We can still endure these brownouts only if we have alternatives to freshen us up or continue business. I may want to take this as an opportunity to lose weight, but I shall prefer instead to take  diet supplements   and be more comfortable. 

The local energy provider had given a schedule when to anticipate these brownouts, but, for unknown reasons, they simply keep on changing them. Sigh!!!! We, Filipinos are greatly distressed by so many things: politics, economy, ill culture, and now brownouts! Waaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!



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