Sunday, March 14, 2010

Family Outdoor Fun and Sleep

The entire Mindanao has been struggling the constraints  of  rotating brown outs. I guess the problem is not just limited to our place, but to the entire Philippines but on varying extents.  

Not only that private and government establishments are pissed off but also the locals of various affected cities and provinces. 

I have to drag my family off our house especially during evening brownouts and we just stay at our patio on our beaten old outdoor furnitures.  With long running brown outs, I wish I can have steel - made patio furniture  that I can place in the middle of our garden and just next to our sleeping tent. 

With limited things to do, Mindanaoans simply chose to be elsewhere including window shopping and swimming.  And now that our local energy provider had given a fix schedule, at least, we can work with anticipated cut off and just maximize the chance.   This brownout will run until May, thus, outdoor rest and fun can only be preferred than staying indoor, grumpy and sweating profusely. 



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