Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fun Day with Family and Blogger - Friends on SMI Escapade

with my sister Tammy, and friends Mark and Donna

Just having a big laugh

with other friend - bloggers

Last March 6, the SOX  Bloggers in Region 12 joined together  to have a tour in Sagittarius Mine Inc. office and project site in Tampakan. 

We were almost 20 and just had great fun, I had the chance to meet my old English college teacher too. What a small world, huh! LOL! 

But, the tour ended when we had the 45-minute bumpy ride to and fro the Tampakan mountains, had a visit with the pure B'laan community and saw their unique burial site. 

It  was tiring but worth the day! It is always fun to be with friends and family on a nice day. 



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