Friday, March 26, 2010

Graduation Gifts and More Gifts

My youngest sibling will have her graduation day on March 30 and since she is quite close to me, she  has been sending hints of what I should buy for her gifts.  LOL!!!!!   Kids simply love receiving gifts  and I guess this liking is not age inclined.  

My kid on the hand, asked his grandma for a nice  Nintendo Wii  as a birthday gift. We are simply too excited to have this since everyone in the family can play with this stuff and more. 

My husband just received another SONY DSLR camera lens as a freebie from his mom and I was told that I shall soon receive my TISOT watch. Yepey!!!!  But, I still wish to have an Apple IPOD Wifi 3G so I can play music, watch my fave videos and surf as much as possible.  We will be receiving these in time for our birthdays.  Hmnnn! My husband promised me a new set of Twilight Saga books too before he leaves for his hometown. I guess summer won't be that idle anymore.   

Since life is harder in the Philippines, we can only be happier that our loved ones are still remembering us especially on our big days.    We can only be excited as we anticipate the coming of our gifts. 



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