Saturday, March 6, 2010

Having Nephews and All

Because of harder life in the Philippines, I have known my friends to be either single in spite of their 30ish age. LOL! 

For some reasons, they chose to be single because either their partner is still not into the big "M" thing, or there is really no partner at all to convince, and worse, they cant simply afford to risk their future in marriage.

In my case, I am married with one kid but I don't have to have another kid simply because I don't have the time to take care of another child. I am quite too busy with work, business and with other reasons. 

Thus, it helps when I have my kid and two other nephews to attend to. At least, my kid's desire for another sibling is somehow addressed. I opt to just devote my time and resources to the youngsters at home. 

It is quite true that aging becomes a global problem now when the bigger bulk of the population is now filled by the oldies and every year, the birth rate is decreasing. 

We are indeed facing global problem here should the birth rate constantly drop.  But, crisis and all is just too difficult. Sigh!



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