Friday, March 26, 2010

The Kids Mourning on Their Died Tortoises

I bought the tortoises since I wanted to teach the young ones at home to be responsible and independent in taking care of themselves and taking responsibility on others. 

Somehow, it helped that they got to feed the pets, clean them up with the help of my husband. But, after a month's care, when my kid was about to feed them, he simply saw one dead tortoise.

He was all worried when he joined his dad in picking me up from school because we made a deal that I shall buy him another pet, particularly, a dog, in case the tortoises will be taken care of.  His pop just explained that it isn't really his fault. The tortoise was overly fed that the uneaten food simply stayed afloat their home, making the water slimy.

We took extra care after one lost pet, but after a week, the last tortoise died too. Sigh! Next time, we shall simply buy animals that require less care.   As for my kid, he still has to be older before he can really be responsible taking care another household pet.  

The rest of the young ones simply saw the tortoises buried. It is a pity that at their young age, they can already witness death of their loved ones. 



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