Saturday, March 6, 2010

Managing Family Business

My mom who is into furniture business for almost two decades now wishes to relinquish the shop and just to hand it over to us. 

We are into selling RTW and other fashion accessories and managing a furniture shop is not only new to us but also can be very tedious and difficult. Further, it shall require bigger capital investment.   We may not be having problems with our regular customers but operating it shall be gasping in the unknown. My parents shall help us with the management but while she can still man it, we would rather have her still in the business.

We wish to find out if there is an all-in-one-stop door hardware  that can help our customers with their door requirements especially on the locks and knobs. 

Customers now are more educated than before and they simply demand quality on every penny they paid. This is quite understandable since we personally demand this principle too from other establishments. 

I can only wish that my parents will live longer since we pretty don't know how we can get by with our business when they are not around to help us. 



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