Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Sibling's Graduation

My youngest sibling is officially a graduate of high school. She did receive a medal for Roverette or Boy Scout's honor medal plus loyalty certificate. However, since everyone was busy with stuffs, only my second sibling joined her in her recognition day. The youngest sister was only excited but kinda felt sad when our parents could not at all come with her.

This was aggravated today when she was joined again by her elder sibling during graduation day and none of our folks attended. She was quite teary - eyed. Worse, my sibling teased about becoming an academic honor first so she could demand the presence of my parents. Sigh! I never realized that my siblings can be inferior or insecure of us who had received academic honors and recognitions.

But, gladly, our pop decided to join my sibling in her graduation day. We concluded the event with a lunch together. They also consume the evening with party hopping with fellow graduates and dear friends. 

I hope she would feel better and never think of being insecure since she is well talented and capable too in her own rights.



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