Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Our Photographer Kid

my kid's shot of his little cousin with his INSIGNIA point-and-shoot camera

My son has long been inclined in photography. He got this liking from seeing his pop  through his SONY Alpha DSLR camera. 

It first amazed us that he was able to use this unit with so much ease that he was able to take nice pictures from his school functions and from home. 

So, to boost his skill, his grandma was generous again to buy him his own point - and - shoot digital camera. He was too happy with his own thing that he simply showed this off to everyone in the family. Further, he just kept on taking pictures. LOL! He kept on convincing us too to let him bring his stuff to school so he can do the picture taking in school and impress his classmates and teachers. He originally had a prior school award in photography when his teachers saw his skills in one of their school events. 

I plan to keep an album of all his works. Perhaps, in the future, I can make an exhibit for him. LOL!



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