Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pilipinas Got More Talents: Stories and Talents with a Heart!

I never really like reality shows. They simply bore me but since our Filipino channels are swarmed with a lot of reality shows from morning to evening, this leaves me no choice but totally ignore them and do something else. 

My family however, is hooked to reality shows particularly Showtime and Pilipinas Got More Talents.  I did not see any of these  shows but when I came across one article on Jovit Baldivino, an auditioner for Pilipinas Got More Talent, I simply became intrigued that I watched a Youtube clip on him. His singing struck me more than once that I seemed to hear another Pinoy artist, Arnel Pineda, the lead singer of Journey. He has indeed big talent but when he was about his family and what he does to earn a living every after school time, I simply cried of humility.

Since then, I  may bore my time watching people who try hard to change their fate, but there are simply stories behind them that even if they win or not from the contest, they are sure winner in the amount of courage and faith they showed in. And,  they simply look bigger than life!  So, in spite that my countrymen are in great distress, we simply keep fighting and continue believing.

Here is the video clip from Youtube of Jovit Baldivino's winning performance.



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