Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Running Shoes and Curls For Us

Forgive my title but basically it means we spend most of our time eating and watching movies than hitting the road early morning for the usual jogging.  My family is into business and the young ones go to school and since  school starts early here, we always have reasons to miss exercise. LOL!

History says that we, Filipinos, are average in terms of weight but with fast - paced lifestyle, we are joining other nations where obesity is becoming an alarming concern.

Gym enthusiasts say that it will motivate anyone to exercise if he sees it as a way to stay healthy and  to look  good.  But, like other lame excuses, we simply miss exercise because we don't experience any health problem and any diet and lifestyle are simply acceptable and beyond scrutiny. Health experts however, say otherwise.

Most of us look for fast ways to have that result - oriented  fat burner  to keep the weight down while others prefer non - invasive, and non - processed therapies.  

When  technology was not popular yet, we  were usually out of our homes, playing until  the oldies would call us. Sicknesses and obesity issues were remote concerns for most of the folks.  Nowadays, even diabetes is feared among the  toddlers.    

I have been adamant about being on my running shoes again. But,  I just don't have the time. LOL! 



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