Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sibling Rivalry and Stuffs

I grew up with three other sisters and as an eldest, this was a gruesome experience. But, if I have to recall my prior experience with my siblings, I have to say, I had the most fight with my younger sister who is only two years my junior.

We bickered a lot, said bad things to one another and played around again after the fight. Our mom sometimes, would have to resort to extreme means just to keep us off from fighting. 

But, as we mature and had our individual relationships, we had subsided the bickering  and simply replaced this with respect.  Now, that we are at our 30's, we still don't agree on many things, but we have the liking for fashion apparel, accessories and other beauties and fun.  

We are quite vain too that we sometimes, both hit the road to spa's and beauty parlors to get pampered!  And, when my in - laws send us some clothings, accessories and beauty products including  best wrinkle creams, I get to share this with my sister with or without my full permission.  

Rivalry is quite strong for siblings with closer age gaps but oftentimes than not, this is replaced with strong friendship as they age. If my opinion is subjective, then I my experience is an exception. LOL!

Just earlier, she wanted me to join her in her Holy Week escapade through a three - day mountain climb. I reciprocated this through asking her to join me in my ten - day trip to Manila. We  may not have the nicest memories when we were younger but we sure want to make good ones as we age. We only wish that we can impart this lesson to our little ones at home. 



Manila Girl said...

I agree. My relationship with my siblings improved as we aged. :-)

Ruz said...

Thank you for agreeing!

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