Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sick Father In-Law

We were quite worried when my father in-law seemed to have stroke or something when his tongue got twisted and had a bloated mouth when he took some anti - hypertension medicine. hen he was brought to the hospital  again, he was diagnosed of allergy to hypertension medicines.

Hospitalizations and medications abroad are quite expensive that it is a greater help if health insurances are there to lighten up the burden. Somehow, we can only be worried with our patient's condition and not anymore with the incurred expenditures. 

It also helped when my in-laws have their prior training in health care. They were able to do the right first aid when the oldie got his hypertension and allergy attacks. Now that they are graduates of nursing aid trainings. They are searching for the right placement. Perhaps, I can ask them to check healthcare job search   for their immediate job placement. 

My brother in-law was luckier when he and his spouse were able to get the nursing job right away in Sacramento considering their previous employment in the Philippines was already in health care.

We could only wish that our father can immediately recuperate from his allergy and from his hypertension. He has to however, be vigilant of his diet and ill lifestyle since he smokes a lot too.

Having health care providers at home makes illnesses easier to deal with. At least first aids and alike can be immediately given to patients until they reach the hospital for further treatment.  We were quite lucky to have saved our father in - law in just nick of time.



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