Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tent Life for Us!

with my kid in our tent for a week's sleeps

It is almost a week when we decided to put up our tent for our evening sleeps.  Although, we like the strings of stars and cool windy breeze as we sleep, the discomfort is always felt when we wake up the next day. LOL!

My kid  however, likes to stay in the tent because he can boost it among his friends the unique sleeping arrangement we have at home.  Kids are always kids really in spite of their weights or heights. hahahhah!

But, I decided to go back to our old room so we can sleep comfortably even if power interruption may occur in the evening. At least, we have some sun wall protection to keep the room from extreme heat.

We really wish the energy curtailment is only limited to daytime because sleeps  are quite disrupted when you sleep in an oven - like temp room. LOL! We can only get pissed off as we start the day. 



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