Friday, March 26, 2010

Vacation - Recreation Time for the Youngsters

After recognition and graduation ceremonies, students here in the Philippines are already enjoying their summer vacation. For the kids, they have more than two months of home fun and recreation. 

My youngest sibling on the other hand will have her graduation day from high school this coming March 30 and after that, she has to scout schools for her collegiate schooling. 

I shall be off for my vacation too come March 29 and even if I have to spend my summer off in our stores, at least, I have more time now to be at home and spend time with my kid.

My kid spends most of his time playing with his PSP and watching movies but I shall have him enrolled  soon to a swimming school to make him exercise and have other fun too. 

Vacation time always a great time for physical exercise and more family - home fun. 



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