Friday, April 23, 2010

Needing a Family Dog

We prefer dogs over cats since the former don't give that creepy feeling like when the latter purr around our legs.

In our old house, we somehow got three dogs we claim as part of the family but since we have to head back to my parents' place, they are now with the housetakers.  My parents had their own dogs too but when our baby nephew got bitten by our house dog, we simply get rid of it and become lenient with bunches of neighbor cats at home. Now, we have one house cat we all have to endure.  The thing is, our neighbor cats become friendlier with us too. Sigh!!!! I wish my nephew can be bigger now, so we can get a house dog instead and drive away the other unwanted cats.

But, if I can choose another pet, I am mostly like to have a horse. It will be a pricy pet although I am quite sure, it will be more fun riding on it. Among the basic things it will require will be its own place and some horse tack   to make the ride more comfy.

My grandparents do have some farm horses and if only, their place is close enough, we can all have our fair share of riding. LOL! For the meantime, we can only wish and endure hairy cats.


My Poor Sibling!

I remembered my youngest sibling all too excited when our other sister asked her to join her in Manila for some weeks of stay. However, since the older sibling has to work, she is left with the dogs. LOL!

Thus, after a few days  she told our mom that she is dead bored. Hahhahahha! Somehow, she asked us to join her right away but our trip isn't scheduled until next month. So,  she just has to endure all the solitude. Her week's stay in our grandparent's farm tops her ordeal too where stores are kilometers away from home. 

Gosh, her being an extrovert really makes her vacation difficult and less exciting at all. We can only tease her to try of going home instead. LOL!


What Kind of Shirt Are You?

My daily clothing choice normally includes shirt, pants and flip flops. Somehow, lady's blouse also tops the options. But, because I spend of my time in our store and wander around malls after morning jogs, I guess this personality test result applies. LOL!

You Are a V-neck Shirt

You are an active, ambitious person. You are a real go-getter, and you rarely allow yourself to slow down.

You're probably an athlete of some sort, which is why a v-neck shirt looks so good on you.

You are very down-to-earth and practical. You don't buy clothing unless you can imagine wearing it all the time.

You are likable and quite popular. You bring out the best in people... you are quite flattering.


Becoming the Family Driver

Since my pop, husband and sibling all left for their individual trips, I am the one left behind to make use of our motorbikes. I am however, not at all an experienced driver, since I previously had a dozen of reasons not to drive.

But, since I have no choice, I just have to be gutsy and conquer all my road fear. Somehow, using the bike to head to my running area makes me get used to using the vehicle. Only that lately, the bike won't work at all. I guess, I have to master driving and basic troubleshooting too. Sigh!

I hope we can have a bigger garage for the three bikes and family van. That way, our porch and lot  area won't be that crowded. Somehow, constructing the garage and  garage flooring  will keep the vehicle in better condition and safe from theft. 

As soon as resources are available, I will make sure that putting up a wider and comfy garage will be one of our topmost priorities. 


In - Line Blades for Mom and Son

Every morning, I drag my cousin and kid for an hour of exercise. While they go brisk walking and blades, I complete my five - round jog around Robinson's mall.  

But, my kid would stop with his blades after two rounds and just wait for me to finish. Yesterday, however, I had brought my own pair of blades and joined my kid. I was all wobbling and tensed as I struggled not to fall. Unfortunately, my kid had to drag me all the long way to keep me balanced. Hahahahah! 

I guess the time of joining my kid with his game made the effort and fall happier and worthwhile. 


Enough Brownouts!

I am quite pissed off not only because I had a long writing day yesterday but also  because I had to endure the 3 - hour fanning  when brownout hit 10 pm until 1 am. And, since the room's windows are stuck, I can only grumble about the heat and deprived sleep!

Even my nephew had to wail a lot because of the damp and uncomfortable room. These brownouts really can piss us all. I only hope that enough rain will come in the coming days so the water level for electricity can be enough to sustain regular power supply. 

This problem has been a plaguing Mindanao since February. I hope the government can at least, make actions to address this power shortage instead of bickering and doing their political standoff. This country is simply burdened with a number of selfish and insensitive leaders. I wonder when change can really happen.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Starting a Backyard Garden


Nice thing about owning a backyard is the chance to do practically anything on it. Somehow, the old place has become a stock area for our shop but somehow, my pop who was hailed from a agricultural county whose parents were both farmers, raised some eggplants, one of his personal favorites. LOL!

So, whenever we want it, we can just have our harvest and have them on the skillets, fresh and pesticide free. Not only that they are healthy but they also keep the expenses lighter. I guess this strategy can be adopted by most families, that way, they maximize their open land space and save bucks too.

Gardening also has its other perks. It is considered a nice, calming way to detoxify stress and burn weights too. There are indeed different ways to weight loss, others consider physical exercise (like me), diet, weight loss supplements , and cosmetic surgeries but I guess what matters is that we get safe and effective results from what we do or take.

I quite miss now my old home where the space stretches to at least, a thousand square meters. My in-laws have raised fruit – bearing trees for most part, while another area is crowned with ornamental plants.

Perhaps, when I get to visit the old house, I can cut some pieces for replanting. Until then, we can only content with eggplants. Hahahhahah!


Emotional Turbulence of Driving with Kids

I did have my driving license more than a year ago and once in awhile, I get the chance to drive the motorbikes but most of the time, I always have the reasons to skip driving. I just have road fears that I cannot seem to overcome.

But, when my husband, sibling and pop left for their separate vacations, I am the only driver left at home. Sigh! Last time, I had to bring my mom to nearby pharmacies although, we travelled safely, I got all my legs trembling when we reached home. LOL!!!!

I know driving takes confidence but I just don’t have especially if I must bring the young ones with me. It will only make me more tense knowing that there is always a chance of accident even if the driver is careful. And, I simply don’t want to take that risk. 

But, tomorrow, I shall bring my kid together with my cousin to an early drive. At least, the traffic to our jogging area will be scarce and limited. I can just get though that.

I know I am getting paranoid and stupid but I just want to be more careful especially if the kids are involved. Pretty scared mom, eh. Hahahhahah!


Recreation Marathon Again for Us

Since almost everyone in the family are out for individual vacations, my mom decided to bring my nephew with her everyday to stay at our store. Thus, it left me no choice but to drag my own kid too to go with me since we can’t rely on the house maids. Sigh!

So, whenever there are brownouts, the kids normally play with the other kids around and sometimes, my kid would just play with his PSP. But, when lights are up, they simply watch their fave movies until the light flickered off.

The thing with vacation is that days seem longer when you have nothing to do. Somehow, my reading, blogging and movie watching help ease the boredom and another day starts again with the same usual activities.
Whenever we can though, we go to the local park and just play or stay in malls to get cooled down. Summer weather is getting hotter lately, we just prefer stay indoor rather than be candidates of heat strokes. LOL!


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Family Habit Changed

It is officially three weeks now that I started my morning habit of jogs and taebos and of course, I have the reason to compel my husband and kid too to  join me. Somehow, it has become habit in my direct family as morning breaks and we are already heading  to our running area.  My kid brings with him his inline blades while I settle for running shoes.

But, my husband recently left for his hometown that I was forced to bring my cousin instead. And since, I am not yet confident to drive the bike with him.  I only wish I can totally restrain my fear so that he too can sustain losing the unwanted weight excess.

Somehow, I begin losing weight too as I notice my belly lumps go thinner. I complement this with restrained diet too. I am pretty sure however, that these may be harder for others who seek the same result and try instead intrusive options like medicines. But, any weight loss program or medications like adipex must be well assessed  for their effectiveness and safety.  Sometimes, when we are overwhelmed with our goal, evaluating adverse effects seems useless for most of us. 

So, since I prefer the natural way of losing weight, I shall continue my exercise regimen even it means tagging only my other family members and leaving my kid sleep until he wants it. 

I only hope that more people will be health conscious and really go for healthy and safe living. 


Preparing for Cousin’s Wedding

My husband has to travel six cities at least for two days just to join his cousin’s wedding this Friday. Since our oldies who practically act as second parents to their niece are in Wisconsin, we feel only obliged to join her in her big day.

This is quite distinct in Filipino culture where the meaning of family extends to the nth level and generation. Thus, when there are occasions like weddings or birthdays or even funerals, they swarm your place invited or not. LOL! It is with this reason too that children in spite of age prefer to stay with their folks and refuse to budge out even if the parents prefer to kick them out.

I am practically guilty of this reason. LOL! My old home now is packed with my own family, our cousin, and my sibling’s kids. Although, I never heard my parents complain about our presence, I know they would miss us we are gone. We tried living out of their place but we chose to go back for some reasons.

Although, there are drawbacks for becoming so close knit with other family members, but this is simply a value most Filipinos value. Would I want it in a different way? Sure! But, I prefer to stay with my parents. LOL!


Technology Appeases Long Distance Relationships

Eons ago, people would simply endure and enjoy the thrills of postal emails and parcels and long distance calls. I quite had my own fair share of these and though the time difference of one communication to another was irritating, I could only wait. Long distance relationships then were difficult to bear especially for families and loved ones.

However, with the onset of technology, at least the feeling of loneliness subsides with the use of any technology – assisted means. Some family members are as far as the other side of the world but somehow, Skype, YM, emails, and social networks like Friendster and Facebook help. Even my 60ish parents in-law have used these media to keep updated with us.

Although, physical presence is greater but if there is no other choice but for the distance to take toil, we can only make use of technology to aid us where distance is restricted.

Now, that my husband is also away, we can only do SMS and chats and video calls every day. At least, my kid does not have to adjust that much when his pop is all gone for weeks. I only hope that for others who endure long distance relationships, they too can fine relief.


Pasalubong/Gifts for Families

The thing with vacation is we get to enjoy the new sights, food and time with loved ones who have been away for a while. But, one irritating although sweet habit of most Filipinos is the liking for pasalubong or gifts for having been away.

When my youngest sibling left to join our other sister, she had to bring some tuna delicacies since they were directly demanded. Hahahhahah!

My pop had to bring his own share of pasalubong for his brothers and kin when he left for his hometown too. My husband left for Zamboanga City and since he travels on his big bike, he did not bother to bring anything although his relatives would surely ask for anything especially, our Gensan’s finest treat, tuna! Although, I quite wish he at least, bought some promotional items as freebies to his nephews and nieces.

We are bound to leave soon too and since my kid would have to tag along, I can only pack a few things but I must at least, bring less bulky pasalubong for my siblings. Although, it is quite a pressure to buy for someone but this is always replaced with anticipation that any freebie is well appreciated.


Scary But Fun Family Travel

When we were still living in Zamboanga City, we used to travel to and fro General Santos City through boat and plane. But, when we decided to take roots again in my hometown, we simply hitched the boat and leave our seven-year-old home behind.

But, once in awhile we visit for few weeks through any transpo possible. We did try traveling through our van and it was quite two – day tiring travel although we loved the scenery and all that. While there was no reason for us to frequent our visits since school for me and my kid was up, my husband to drive his big bike to at least six cities to reach our old home. The travel is tiring but somehow, he gets to use the big bike around the city.

As I type, he is now down to his one last lap and finally reach home. The travel worries us a lot but knowing that he is an experienced driver and knows the road by heart, that makes us pacified and at rest.

We just hope that he will reach home before twilight.


Monday, April 19, 2010

Kids at Store

The rest of the family is on vacation and the house is quite empty that we have to bring the kids to store to at least attend to them.

Problem is we have to deal with them when brownouts occur. Sigh! Yesterday, I had to bring the kids to a local park for frisby game after hours of watching a movie and playing of PSP. I must somehow make their summer time more productive. Although every morning we bring the kids for in - line blades and beach swimming.   

I shall soon buy some story books to at least have them practice read to prepare them for the next level come June. I guess I have to have my pockets full. Yikes!!!  We go to the mall for window shopping just to cool down from extreme weather since  brownouts are on rotating scheds, I can only find a way to appease the heat.  I can't wait when we will have our chance to go on vacation too. Until then, I can  only be creative. 


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Blogging in the Family

It is summer again and it seems that it was only yesterday when I chose to start a blog and write about anything and everything I think important or petty. LOL! With four blogs in less than three years, I gained new friends, learned more about living, went back to writing and more. And if my basic reason then for blog was to earn more, I guess it goes without saying that I simply love to write and express myself sane or not. But, with family and business along the way, I get to write about them and have fun with them at the same time. Now, I use also my blogs to bring forth exposure to our store.

But, as a techie person, I wish to create an interactive website that is solely intended for our store where customers can do their online transactions. I must start making time to finally create the site, work on its web site hosting, and increase its exposure and traffic.

Blogs or other typical website intended for commercial reasons must first and foremost, require domain hosting to make it more legitimate and practical. I heard other commercial websites make use of business hosting to maximize features suited for the companies as each one of them have unique requirements to reach out to their clients, partners and other stakeholders.

I quite know that it only takes two seconds to hold a reader to website and if that site takes longer to load or that the content is not at all interesting, the reader is set to hit that big close button and head to a more interesting and faster site. Thus, it will help a lot if a web host provides the best hosting service and it will make the search easier if there is review site that assess all known and widely used hosting services so clients may choose the best service based on their unique requirements.

It pays to be informed because we get the worth we need for every penny we pay for a hosting service.


Family on 30-Foot Wall Climb

My husband on his first climb

my nephew who climbed much faster than the rest of us

My kid on his third climb

My youngest sibling who made it to the top

My other sibling who made it to the top too

Myself with feet way up waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

Two weeks ago, we had the chance to  try the 30-foot wall stationed at Robinson's Plaza and in spite of the crowd, we managed to try our luck. Two of my younger siblings made it to the top while I was one board away. Gosh! When  I saw the height I was in, I started to get dizzy and lost my grip that I gave up. Tsk ! Tsk! Tsk! 

The rest of the family did climb too and it was one exciting Sunday for everyone! And, we hope to climb again when the next wall will be installed.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Swimming Lessons Soon

I did tell that I will have the kids sign up for swimming lessons but I could not find time to see the local company and query on the registration details. This extreme summer weather only drains us that a swim is only expected. Thus, as part of my kid’s exercise motivation, we head to a local beach for a short swim.

But, I guess the other reason why I could not just get the interest to sign up my kid for a swimming lesson is the possibility that he would contract again another episode of tonsillitis. Perhaps, after a few weeks, I can have him and my nephews sign up for swimming lessons. I shall need however, pool floats to help them through until they can be on their swimming skills. I wish my almost two – year old nephew can enjoy swimming too on his size – appropriate floats.

It is always fun to see them enjoying.


Family Bikes on Race

the family on one morning exercise with our wheels

During the course of our wall climbing, my husband and old college classmate – friend chatted around summer fun. We had the chance two years ago to join my friend on a mountain climb and we were only eager to have a repeat hike. There is a scheduled climb this April but my friend shall join a team race that constitutes biking among other things. So, my willing husband, only volunteered his mountain bike. And when, my friend mentioned that he still had to look for a girl partner and a bike, I volunteered my stuff too. LOL! ! ! Quite typical for us, hmnn.

So, all the two bikes shall be used for their race practices until the big day on April 23. But, we only feel better since we are glad that we were to help a friend but also that the bikes will have their long – overdue runs.

Perhaps, after the race, we can alternately shift to biking and jogging so not to put those equipment to waste.


Family Morning Regimen

It has been weeks since I strongly decided to hit the morning road again on my running shoes and my husband and kid were only compelled to join me afterwards as they bring with them their in-line blades.

So, in spite of late gimmicks, I simply wake up at the same exact time every morning before our alarm clock makes that shrill. It may be a waste of good sleep but I simply love jogging at least three full circles around a local mall here. To top it all, I just love to sweat and see that the rest of my family is doing their exercise too. My kid only anticipates the morning habit since he can go straight to our local beach.

I only wish that I can sustain this once school starts to kick in June. But, until then, I can only enjoy our morning daily habit.


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Family that Exercise Together, Enjoy Better!

It has been a year since I was able to drag my family to regular morning exercise like jogging and biking. Now, after all those lame excuses to miss the road, I was able to motivate myself and my family to wake up early and be on blades and running shoes already.

Good thing Robinson’s Plaza in our city is generous enough to open its roads for local joggers and fitness buffs like me. LOL! So, I get to jog on weekdays and do aerobics and taebo on weekends.

I begin to lose weight as I complement my exercise with diet. But, for some they complement their exercise and diet with weight loss products. Regardless of the ways we choose to keep our weights down, I believe the bottom line is that we have to be healthy for our own good and for our loved ones’ sake. We don’t want to age with unnecessary illnesses like diabetes or that go with bad lifestyles.


Blogging Family Reunion Again

We are now in the middle of a conference at one of our fave city resto with senatoriable bet Atty Adel Tamano to listen to his platforms and intentions for the upcoming election and possibly for senate once he gets elected.

It has been awhile since the last gathering of bloggers and it is always a fun time when we gather around, be enlightened with the community's issues and now, national concerns.

As I type, we are still waiting for the main guest but we simply chat around and catch up since the last time we were together.  

Perhaps after this, I can blog more about this meeting.


Family Sleep on Tent Again!

The week has been with alternating rains and with the pressing problems brought by El Nino, we can only be happier that rain has finally come. However, in spite of rainy week, the water volume required to sustain Mindanao’s power demand is not sufficient at all. Thus, we still experience rotating brownouts. Worst, we have to endure our sleep in our tent again positioned at our garden. SIGH!

Although, we love to nudge together before cloudy heavens and cool breeze, I can only complain of back aches. LOL!

I wish that this evening will be brownout free, so I can enjoy my CDs and just watch the movies I have been longing to see. 

I hope more rain will come in the coming days.


Friday, April 9, 2010

Graduation, Beaches and Churches

The store is mostly filled with party dresses and our beach sundresses need refilling. But since summer is always a time for all sorts of occasions and we are only quite  glad that the store can be checked once in a while for good stuffs.

Although, sales are oftentimes bleak, we can only be hopeful. We have good friends who are soon to get married. For one, my old friend shall soon make her wedding invitations  and scout for other wedding necessities. Graduations for most schools are also done. So, we can only enjoy summer time with loved ones and friends on their big days.

My family shall head too to my younger sibling for weeks to months of vacation. My kid is even more excited since he will have the chance to see Ocean Adventure in Subic and zoos. I only pity my younger nephew who wish to join us.

Perhaps, during the vacation time, I can scout for more fill - ins for the boutique.


Fun Time with Bilaan Kids

The Bilaan children on Tampakan Mountains, South Cotabato, Philippines

Last March 2009, we were given a chance to visit a Bilaan community on one of the mountains of Tampakan. It was one 45- minute bumpy ride to the mountains but we were welcomed warmly with the tribe's elders and tribal dance.

Some of my fellow bloggers joined the kids in their dancing, while my group joined the anthropologist to graveyard of the tribe where they keep the wooded casket on in between boulders of rocks. 

We just had one fun day with them and although their culture is unique, it pays to be with them even for few hours. 


Idle Summer for the Family

It has been weeks since classes are done and the kids simply consume their days in movie watching and PSP playing although from time to time, they get to join us in our store or wander around malls.

But, they get to join me too in my morning regimen of jogs and in-line blades and head straight to the local beach.

I also use my idle time reading literature books although I must find the tenacity to read my programming references. Sigh! I still have a number of titles to search online and offline. I know Amazon books may include some of my wish titles. 

My newly acquired books are the Twilight Saga Complete set, then got a few of free e-books. As soon as I have my resources, I shall soon have the collections of Nicholas Sparks and Sandra Brown. Happy summer everyone!


Mall Recreation with Loved Ones

Just recently, the exhibitor who usually invites us for boutique exhibit, put up a long mall - length wall for climbing. 

I had my first and last wall climb when I was still in college, so that gives 12 years of break. hahhahah! So, when my family asked me to hit the wall, I can only make a pass since my hands and feet sweat a lot, making the stiff climb all more difficult.

My college classmate and friend mans the wall and simply encourages me to try it too, but I know I will just be a total fool of myself amidst mall goers. LOL!

But, my kid had tried to climb the wall twice and although he hit the 3 panel boards top, he was simply happy and proud of his accomplishments. Perhaps, tomorrow, we can have another fun and try the board myself. 


Family Morning Exercise

Since last holy week, we consume our early morning on joggings and in-line blades. Somehow, I have lost weight from almost an hour of exercise and diet. I am only happier that I get to impose health discipline for myself and my family.

However, with shifting rainy mornings, we can only stay at home and dwell on movie marathons. LOL!

Funny thing though I can ask my other loved ones to join me in my morning regimen. Although they hate the wake – up calls, they get to appreciate the early sweats. Tomorrow shall be another day to savor in early sweats and healthy start.  My kid is only excited too run on his blades and head to the city beach. 

Somehow, it is nice to inculcate the value of healthy living among loved ones especially among youngsters.