Friday, April 23, 2010

Becoming the Family Driver

Since my pop, husband and sibling all left for their individual trips, I am the one left behind to make use of our motorbikes. I am however, not at all an experienced driver, since I previously had a dozen of reasons not to drive.

But, since I have no choice, I just have to be gutsy and conquer all my road fear. Somehow, using the bike to head to my running area makes me get used to using the vehicle. Only that lately, the bike won't work at all. I guess, I have to master driving and basic troubleshooting too. Sigh!

I hope we can have a bigger garage for the three bikes and family van. That way, our porch and lot  area won't be that crowded. Somehow, constructing the garage and  garage flooring  will keep the vehicle in better condition and safe from theft. 

As soon as resources are available, I will make sure that putting up a wider and comfy garage will be one of our topmost priorities. 



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