Saturday, April 17, 2010

Blogging in the Family

It is summer again and it seems that it was only yesterday when I chose to start a blog and write about anything and everything I think important or petty. LOL! With four blogs in less than three years, I gained new friends, learned more about living, went back to writing and more. And if my basic reason then for blog was to earn more, I guess it goes without saying that I simply love to write and express myself sane or not. But, with family and business along the way, I get to write about them and have fun with them at the same time. Now, I use also my blogs to bring forth exposure to our store.

But, as a techie person, I wish to create an interactive website that is solely intended for our store where customers can do their online transactions. I must start making time to finally create the site, work on its web site hosting, and increase its exposure and traffic.

Blogs or other typical website intended for commercial reasons must first and foremost, require domain hosting to make it more legitimate and practical. I heard other commercial websites make use of business hosting to maximize features suited for the companies as each one of them have unique requirements to reach out to their clients, partners and other stakeholders.

I quite know that it only takes two seconds to hold a reader to website and if that site takes longer to load or that the content is not at all interesting, the reader is set to hit that big close button and head to a more interesting and faster site. Thus, it will help a lot if a web host provides the best hosting service and it will make the search easier if there is review site that assess all known and widely used hosting services so clients may choose the best service based on their unique requirements.

It pays to be informed because we get the worth we need for every penny we pay for a hosting service.



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