Friday, April 23, 2010

Enough Brownouts!

I am quite pissed off not only because I had a long writing day yesterday but also  because I had to endure the 3 - hour fanning  when brownout hit 10 pm until 1 am. And, since the room's windows are stuck, I can only grumble about the heat and deprived sleep!

Even my nephew had to wail a lot because of the damp and uncomfortable room. These brownouts really can piss us all. I only hope that enough rain will come in the coming days so the water level for electricity can be enough to sustain regular power supply. 

This problem has been a plaguing Mindanao since February. I hope the government can at least, make actions to address this power shortage instead of bickering and doing their political standoff. This country is simply burdened with a number of selfish and insensitive leaders. I wonder when change can really happen.



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