Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Family Bikes on Race

the family on one morning exercise with our wheels

During the course of our wall climbing, my husband and old college classmate – friend chatted around summer fun. We had the chance two years ago to join my friend on a mountain climb and we were only eager to have a repeat hike. There is a scheduled climb this April but my friend shall join a team race that constitutes biking among other things. So, my willing husband, only volunteered his mountain bike. And when, my friend mentioned that he still had to look for a girl partner and a bike, I volunteered my stuff too. LOL! ! ! Quite typical for us, hmnn.

So, all the two bikes shall be used for their race practices until the big day on April 23. But, we only feel better since we are glad that we were to help a friend but also that the bikes will have their long – overdue runs.

Perhaps, after the race, we can alternately shift to biking and jogging so not to put those equipment to waste.



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