Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Family Habit Changed

It is officially three weeks now that I started my morning habit of jogs and taebos and of course, I have the reason to compel my husband and kid too to  join me. Somehow, it has become habit in my direct family as morning breaks and we are already heading  to our running area.  My kid brings with him his inline blades while I settle for running shoes.

But, my husband recently left for his hometown that I was forced to bring my cousin instead. And since, I am not yet confident to drive the bike with him.  I only wish I can totally restrain my fear so that he too can sustain losing the unwanted weight excess.

Somehow, I begin losing weight too as I notice my belly lumps go thinner. I complement this with restrained diet too. I am pretty sure however, that these may be harder for others who seek the same result and try instead intrusive options like medicines. But, any weight loss program or medications like adipex must be well assessed  for their effectiveness and safety.  Sometimes, when we are overwhelmed with our goal, evaluating adverse effects seems useless for most of us. 

So, since I prefer the natural way of losing weight, I shall continue my exercise regimen even it means tagging only my other family members and leaving my kid sleep until he wants it. 

I only hope that more people will be health conscious and really go for healthy and safe living. 



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