Saturday, April 10, 2010

Family that Exercise Together, Enjoy Better!

It has been a year since I was able to drag my family to regular morning exercise like jogging and biking. Now, after all those lame excuses to miss the road, I was able to motivate myself and my family to wake up early and be on blades and running shoes already.

Good thing Robinson’s Plaza in our city is generous enough to open its roads for local joggers and fitness buffs like me. LOL! So, I get to jog on weekdays and do aerobics and taebo on weekends.

I begin to lose weight as I complement my exercise with diet. But, for some they complement their exercise and diet with weight loss products. Regardless of the ways we choose to keep our weights down, I believe the bottom line is that we have to be healthy for our own good and for our loved ones’ sake. We don’t want to age with unnecessary illnesses like diabetes or that go with bad lifestyles.



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