Friday, April 9, 2010

Graduation, Beaches and Churches

The store is mostly filled with party dresses and our beach sundresses need refilling. But since summer is always a time for all sorts of occasions and we are only quite  glad that the store can be checked once in a while for good stuffs.

Although, sales are oftentimes bleak, we can only be hopeful. We have good friends who are soon to get married. For one, my old friend shall soon make her wedding invitations  and scout for other wedding necessities. Graduations for most schools are also done. So, we can only enjoy summer time with loved ones and friends on their big days.

My family shall head too to my younger sibling for weeks to months of vacation. My kid is even more excited since he will have the chance to see Ocean Adventure in Subic and zoos. I only pity my younger nephew who wish to join us.

Perhaps, during the vacation time, I can scout for more fill - ins for the boutique.



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