Monday, April 19, 2010

Kids at Store

The rest of the family is on vacation and the house is quite empty that we have to bring the kids to store to at least attend to them.

Problem is we have to deal with them when brownouts occur. Sigh! Yesterday, I had to bring the kids to a local park for frisby game after hours of watching a movie and playing of PSP. I must somehow make their summer time more productive. Although every morning we bring the kids for in - line blades and beach swimming.   

I shall soon buy some story books to at least have them practice read to prepare them for the next level come June. I guess I have to have my pockets full. Yikes!!!  We go to the mall for window shopping just to cool down from extreme weather since  brownouts are on rotating scheds, I can only find a way to appease the heat.  I can't wait when we will have our chance to go on vacation too. Until then, I can  only be creative. 



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