Friday, April 9, 2010

Mall Recreation with Loved Ones

Just recently, the exhibitor who usually invites us for boutique exhibit, put up a long mall - length wall for climbing. 

I had my first and last wall climb when I was still in college, so that gives 12 years of break. hahhahah! So, when my family asked me to hit the wall, I can only make a pass since my hands and feet sweat a lot, making the stiff climb all more difficult.

My college classmate and friend mans the wall and simply encourages me to try it too, but I know I will just be a total fool of myself amidst mall goers. LOL!

But, my kid had tried to climb the wall twice and although he hit the 3 panel boards top, he was simply happy and proud of his accomplishments. Perhaps, tomorrow, we can have another fun and try the board myself. 



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