Friday, April 23, 2010

Needing a Family Dog

We prefer dogs over cats since the former don't give that creepy feeling like when the latter purr around our legs.

In our old house, we somehow got three dogs we claim as part of the family but since we have to head back to my parents' place, they are now with the housetakers.  My parents had their own dogs too but when our baby nephew got bitten by our house dog, we simply get rid of it and become lenient with bunches of neighbor cats at home. Now, we have one house cat we all have to endure.  The thing is, our neighbor cats become friendlier with us too. Sigh!!!! I wish my nephew can be bigger now, so we can get a house dog instead and drive away the other unwanted cats.

But, if I can choose another pet, I am mostly like to have a horse. It will be a pricy pet although I am quite sure, it will be more fun riding on it. Among the basic things it will require will be its own place and some horse tack   to make the ride more comfy.

My grandparents do have some farm horses and if only, their place is close enough, we can all have our fair share of riding. LOL! For the meantime, we can only wish and endure hairy cats.



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