Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pasalubong/Gifts for Families

The thing with vacation is we get to enjoy the new sights, food and time with loved ones who have been away for a while. But, one irritating although sweet habit of most Filipinos is the liking for pasalubong or gifts for having been away.

When my youngest sibling left to join our other sister, she had to bring some tuna delicacies since they were directly demanded. Hahahhahah!

My pop had to bring his own share of pasalubong for his brothers and kin when he left for his hometown too. My husband left for Zamboanga City and since he travels on his big bike, he did not bother to bring anything although his relatives would surely ask for anything especially, our Gensan’s finest treat, tuna! Although, I quite wish he at least, bought some promotional items as freebies to his nephews and nieces.

We are bound to leave soon too and since my kid would have to tag along, I can only pack a few things but I must at least, bring less bulky pasalubong for my siblings. Although, it is quite a pressure to buy for someone but this is always replaced with anticipation that any freebie is well appreciated.



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