Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Preparing for Cousin’s Wedding

My husband has to travel six cities at least for two days just to join his cousin’s wedding this Friday. Since our oldies who practically act as second parents to their niece are in Wisconsin, we feel only obliged to join her in her big day.

This is quite distinct in Filipino culture where the meaning of family extends to the nth level and generation. Thus, when there are occasions like weddings or birthdays or even funerals, they swarm your place invited or not. LOL! It is with this reason too that children in spite of age prefer to stay with their folks and refuse to budge out even if the parents prefer to kick them out.

I am practically guilty of this reason. LOL! My old home now is packed with my own family, our cousin, and my sibling’s kids. Although, I never heard my parents complain about our presence, I know they would miss us we are gone. We tried living out of their place but we chose to go back for some reasons.

Although, there are drawbacks for becoming so close knit with other family members, but this is simply a value most Filipinos value. Would I want it in a different way? Sure! But, I prefer to stay with my parents. LOL!



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