Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Recreation Marathon Again for Us

Since almost everyone in the family are out for individual vacations, my mom decided to bring my nephew with her everyday to stay at our store. Thus, it left me no choice but to drag my own kid too to go with me since we can’t rely on the house maids. Sigh!

So, whenever there are brownouts, the kids normally play with the other kids around and sometimes, my kid would just play with his PSP. But, when lights are up, they simply watch their fave movies until the light flickered off.

The thing with vacation is that days seem longer when you have nothing to do. Somehow, my reading, blogging and movie watching help ease the boredom and another day starts again with the same usual activities.
Whenever we can though, we go to the local park and just play or stay in malls to get cooled down. Summer weather is getting hotter lately, we just prefer stay indoor rather than be candidates of heat strokes. LOL!



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