Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Scary But Fun Family Travel

When we were still living in Zamboanga City, we used to travel to and fro General Santos City through boat and plane. But, when we decided to take roots again in my hometown, we simply hitched the boat and leave our seven-year-old home behind.

But, once in awhile we visit for few weeks through any transpo possible. We did try traveling through our van and it was quite two – day tiring travel although we loved the scenery and all that. While there was no reason for us to frequent our visits since school for me and my kid was up, my husband to drive his big bike to at least six cities to reach our old home. The travel is tiring but somehow, he gets to use the big bike around the city.

As I type, he is now down to his one last lap and finally reach home. The travel worries us a lot but knowing that he is an experienced driver and knows the road by heart, that makes us pacified and at rest.

We just hope that he will reach home before twilight.



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