Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Starting a Backyard Garden


Nice thing about owning a backyard is the chance to do practically anything on it. Somehow, the old place has become a stock area for our shop but somehow, my pop who was hailed from a agricultural county whose parents were both farmers, raised some eggplants, one of his personal favorites. LOL!

So, whenever we want it, we can just have our harvest and have them on the skillets, fresh and pesticide free. Not only that they are healthy but they also keep the expenses lighter. I guess this strategy can be adopted by most families, that way, they maximize their open land space and save bucks too.

Gardening also has its other perks. It is considered a nice, calming way to detoxify stress and burn weights too. There are indeed different ways to weight loss, others consider physical exercise (like me), diet, weight loss supplements , and cosmetic surgeries but I guess what matters is that we get safe and effective results from what we do or take.

I quite miss now my old home where the space stretches to at least, a thousand square meters. My in-laws have raised fruit – bearing trees for most part, while another area is crowned with ornamental plants.

Perhaps, when I get to visit the old house, I can cut some pieces for replanting. Until then, we can only content with eggplants. Hahahhahah!



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