Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Swimming Lessons Soon

I did tell that I will have the kids sign up for swimming lessons but I could not find time to see the local company and query on the registration details. This extreme summer weather only drains us that a swim is only expected. Thus, as part of my kid’s exercise motivation, we head to a local beach for a short swim.

But, I guess the other reason why I could not just get the interest to sign up my kid for a swimming lesson is the possibility that he would contract again another episode of tonsillitis. Perhaps, after a few weeks, I can have him and my nephews sign up for swimming lessons. I shall need however, pool floats to help them through until they can be on their swimming skills. I wish my almost two – year old nephew can enjoy swimming too on his size – appropriate floats.

It is always fun to see them enjoying.



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