Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Technology Appeases Long Distance Relationships

Eons ago, people would simply endure and enjoy the thrills of postal emails and parcels and long distance calls. I quite had my own fair share of these and though the time difference of one communication to another was irritating, I could only wait. Long distance relationships then were difficult to bear especially for families and loved ones.

However, with the onset of technology, at least the feeling of loneliness subsides with the use of any technology – assisted means. Some family members are as far as the other side of the world but somehow, Skype, YM, emails, and social networks like Friendster and Facebook help. Even my 60ish parents in-law have used these media to keep updated with us.

Although, physical presence is greater but if there is no other choice but for the distance to take toil, we can only make use of technology to aid us where distance is restricted.

Now, that my husband is also away, we can only do SMS and chats and video calls every day. At least, my kid does not have to adjust that much when his pop is all gone for weeks. I only hope that for others who endure long distance relationships, they too can fine relief.



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