Sunday, May 30, 2010

Another Year of Aging for Us

Once May kicks in, my entire family celebrates strings of birthdays every month and we are only pretty excited as we enjoy our special days with friends and family.

Last May 16, we joined our younger sibling in Puerto Galera for some birthday celebration by the sea. We enjoyed fish feeding, snorkeling and swimming. My husband celebrated his May birthday with his kin as he stays in Zamboanga City.

But, this June, my kid and I have our own days. My other sibling suggests that we will just enjoy the day in a spring resort.

With my age way past the calendar, I can only contain aging signs including wrinkles and weight gains. I do exercise every morning but I wish to have wrinkle creams to remedy the distracting fine lines.

I guess when one gets old he can feel younger while the skin speaks otherwise. As for my case, I can only find interventions to keep aging signs at bay.



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