Thursday, May 13, 2010

Extreme Sports for my Kid

I am basically an introvert person although once in awhile, I enjoy social events. My relaxation simply includes reading and movie watching. Quite dull,huh! Hahhaahha! The most extreme I had ever done was traverse zip line for a few meters above water.

But, my husband is into extreme sports, thus, he only influences his kid. Surprisingly, my kid simply adore any adrenaline – rush activity. He started with exhibition biking at age 4, inline blades when he was 6, wall climbing and bungee jumping at 7. Later though he will try ice skating and zip line. I guess as he gets old, he will acquire as many adventurous experiences as he can. As a mother, I can only dread the possible fear knowing he will be at risk.

Living is supposed to be fun, I always go for safe fun. I just hope my kid will live around this basic definition of recreation, otherwise, I can just tie his leg to keep him constrained. Hahahhahah!



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