Sunday, May 30, 2010

Family Drivers Here

Since I am back to jogging but have to wake up late, I decided to drive our motorbike again. And, although I had been driving for more than a year only on few occasions, I could still feel my fear and reluctance. But, driving is only limited to my pop, husband and sibling, thus, when they are not at all available, I am left to my recourse to bring myself to where I should go. I just have to muster all efforts to contain my fear and hit the road.

As soon as the motorbike’s registration shall be ok, I wish to bring the bike again around the city to at least get used to driving solo and finally, bringing my kid with me. I could not simply risk his life while I battle my road fear. I guess I call that being smart, huh. Hahhahahah!
So, tomorrow shall be another day of exercise and driving again.



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